Rooftop. Formax roof. Lovera. Royal roof. 


Rooftop is a roof made of UPVC very properly used as a warehouse and factory roofs, animal husbandry and agricultural roofs, roof commercial buildings such as gyms, malls, shopping, etc. It can also be used sebgai canopy garage and terrace. Rooftop This has advantages: it is very strong because it has a thickness of 10mm, not noisy when it rains, resistant to acids and salt, has a cavity twin wall, and has a UV-coated to reduce heat in the room, saving order and gording, installation is very quick and easy as well as efficient. Available in two colors, blue and white (matte) and gray (semi-transparent).


Formax Roof

Formax innovative roof is a roof made of UPVC material with UV protection and heat stabilizers are manufactured using high-tech machines. Formax roof can be applied as a cover wall (wall cladding) and lis plank, it is suitable to replace roofing products made from asbestos, fiber, and metal.

Excellence formax roof is cooler without insulation, not noisy when it rains, acid and salt resistant, will not rust, installation is very quick and easy (efficient).


Lovera (Adjustable Roofing System)

Lovera is aluminum roof that can be opened and closed by the movement of 90 °. Lovera has advantages: a flexible control to the setting sun and rain, ventilation, corrosion resistant, maintenance free, easy to clean, decorative and functional. Threshold of motion as the most important component yanpa thick camouflage. Lovera can be operated manually or on automatic / remote control. Available in several colors.

Royal Roof

Royal roof tile is an innovative product made from ASA / PMMA and UPVC. Kontruksinya unique, sturdy, and patented this makes installation easier, hermat order and make the look of the building into a modern and more attractive. Royal roof ideal for roofs of residential houses, offices, education facilities, public facilities, and other commercial buildings (club house / bungalow). Available in sheets that have been shaped roof panel (effective 6x8 panels per sheet).

This product is also very strong, resistant to impact and chemicals, and is guaranteed it will not rust even if used in areas of high temperature and humidity, or in town near the coast.

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