Roller blind. Skylight. Awning. Wooden blind dan bamboo blind. Roman shades system. Vertical blind. Venetian blinds. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Cloride

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a practical window blinds products specifically designed to bring comfort and luxury in your home, with a wide selection of colors and styles. Roller blind is perfect to embellish the interior of any room in your house.

Wooden Blinds dan Bamboo Blinds

Wooden blinds and bamboo blind is Krey / curtains shutters and shutter with a slat-slat horizontal. Slatnya made of wood / bamboo solid high quality with a perfect through the drying process, so it is not curved / bent even if directly exposed to sunlight. By finishing colors are layered colors look more beautiful and natural, and an image of the timber remained prominent veins. Available in an assortment of color options that can be harmonized with your interior, so the impression of modern minimalism will be firm.

(Wooden Blinds / bamboo Blinds bring the natural beauty of wood / bamboo into your home and office place)

Roman Shades System

Roman shades system is designed specifically for you who want the curtain based fabric with lace variant / bangs but still looks minimalist and decorative. Coupled with rail-set Roman Shade made operating system to be more perfect.

(Roman Shade can be used as a standalone window treatment but Also give us a clean tidy look)

Vertical blind

Vertical blinds present a luxury home or office with soft colors and charming, made of high quality materials make your space protected from the sun, soothing view, clean and comfortable, strong and durable and easy to clean.

(Vertical Blinds can be an alternative for curtain, the which used to control sunlight intensity in a room)

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a recent innovation to add value to the aesthetic look of your room window. Fabric venetian blinds are made of high quality material that is lightweight, anti-scratch, anti-dust and waterproof, thus making these products more durable. Easy to install, elegant appearance, head and bottom rail very strong made of aluminum, and the operation is very easy.

(Venetian Blinds are simply stylish and timeless design that switches many decoration style)


Magnetic insect screen

Is the insect screen which uses a frame-quality magnets. Protects the room from mosquitoes and other insects, more easily cleaned and not easily torn, available in a miraculous kind of gauze and a large selection of colors. Suitable for installation in homes, villas, etc.

Expanda Door

The main door frame is made of aluminum material and is suitable as an additional main door in your home. And serves to turn the natural circulation of air. Doors can Expanda also called aluminum doors mosquito nets, because its function withstand mosquitoes that wants to get into our homes. Available in several types.

Plafon WPC dan Wall Panel

Wood plastic composite panels are used as ceiling or wall panel which gives a luxurious look to the walls and ceiling. These products have properties more durable and stronger. Other advantages of anti-rust, not expand / shrink, not decayed, have cavities that can withstand the heat.


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