Laminated Flooring Vinyl laminated flooring. Engineering Parquet

Laminated Flooring

Family-favorite wood floors have a standard content of formaldehyde in the core of laminate flooring is very low (& lt; 5 mg / kg), bring the beauty of the colors best through high technology makes it safe for parents and children alike. Easy maintenance, installation is fast, strong and durable and hygienic, with their anti-virus technology so that your room into a more healthy and natural.


Vinyl Laminated Flooring

Vinyl laminated flooring are laminated flooring that offers the beauty of wood flooring in shades. Made of PVC main ingredients are light weight (approximately 6 kg / m & sup2;), which will save you loads of construction of your building. Easy to install and easy to maintain so it is more economical than the flooring material made of natural wood and wood processing. Vinyl is the most rational choice for your flooring.

Engineering Parquet (TEKA Parquet)

Unusual way of combination of design parquet. From modern, classic, handscrafted, antic, or combined with furniture or a mixture of different styles. Design of this parquet can be installed floating or glue down. Suitable for installation on hot water floor heating system. Create a special atmosphere in every room in the house, in the boutique, in the office, or in the lobby and in the meeting room at the hotel or residence.

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